1. The following chart shows the status of the front passenger SRS items and passenger airbag ON/OFF indicator operation under each condition.

      • The passenger airbag ON/OFF indicator ("ON" and "OFF") comes on for approximately 4 seconds, then turns off for approximately 2 seconds.

      • Approximately 6 seconds after the ignition switch is turned to ON, the passenger airbag ON/OFF indicator will indicate "ON" or "OFF" depending on the following conditions.

      Condition Passenger Airbag ON/OFF Indicator Front Passenger SRS Item
      ON Indicator OFF Indicator Instrument Panel Passenger Airbag Assembly Lower No. 2 Instrument Panel Airbag Assembly Front Seat Airbag Assembly RH Curtain Shield Airbag Assembly RH Front Seat Outer Belt Assembly RH
      Adult*1 is seated ON OFF
      Child*2 is seated ON or OFF*2 OFF or ON*2 ○ or X*2 ○ or X*2
      Child restraint system is installed OFF ON X X
      Vacant OFF ON X X
      Failure OFF ON X X

      ○: Deployable

      X: Not deployable

      *1: The system judges a person of average adult weight or more as an adult. If a smaller adult sits in the front passenger seat, the system may not recognize them as an adult depending on their physique and posture.

      *2: The system may not recognize a child or a child in a child restrain system as a child depending on factors such as the positioning of the child restraint system or the child's physique or posture.