Compared to normal mode, check mode is more sensitive to the malfunctions. Therefore, check mode can detect the malfunctions that cannot be detected by normal mode.


All the stored DTCs and freeze frame data are cleared if: 1) the ECM is changed from normal mode to check mode or vice versa; or 2) the ignition switch is turned from ON to ACC or off while in check mode. Before changing modes, always check and make a note of any DTCs and freeze frame data.

  1. CHECK MODE PROCEDURE (Using intelligent tester)

    1. Check and ensure the following conditions:

      1. Battery positive voltage is 11 V or more.

      2. Throttle valve is fully closed.

      3. Transaxle is in neutral.

      4. Air conditioning switch is off.

    2. Turn the ignition switch off.

    3. Connect the intelligent tester to the DLC3.

    4. Turn the ignition switch to ON and turn the tester on.

    5. Enter the following menus: Utility / Check Mode.

    6. Switch the ECM from normal mode to check mode.

    7. A208457E01

      Make sure that the MIL flashes as shown in the illustration.

    8. Start the engine.

    9. Make sure that the MIL turns off.

    10. Simulate the conditions of the malfunction described by the customer.

    11. Check for DTCs and freeze frame data using the tester.