1. The primary timing chain and secondary timing chains are roller chains with a pitch of 9.525 mm (0.375 in.).

    2. A chain tensioner is provided for the primary timing chain and each secondary timing chain in each bank.

    3. Both types of chain tensioner use a spring and oil pressure to maintain proper chain tension at all times. They suppress noise generated by the chains.

    4. The chain tensioner for the primary timing chain is a ratchet type with a non-return mechanism. Furthermore, an oil pocket creates oil pressure when the engine is started, and simultaneously applies oil pressure to the chain tensioner. This prevents the timing chain from flapping and reduces noise.

      *1 Secondary Chain Tensioner (No. 2 Chain Tensioner Assembly) *2 Ball
      *3 Ball Spring *4 Main Spring
      *5 Plunger *6 Primary Chain Tensioner (No. 1 Chain Tensioner Assembly)
      *7 Spring *8 Cam Spring
      *9 Cam *10 Primary Timing Chain (No. 1 Timing Chain Sub-assembly)
      *11 Camshaft Timing Gear or Sprocket *12 Secondary Timing Chain (No. 2 Timing Chain Sub-assembly)
      *13 Chain Tensioner Slipper *14 Crankshaft Timing Gear or Sprocket
      *15 Idle Sprocket Assembly *16 No. 1 Chain Vibration Damper
      *17 Secondary Chain Tensioner (No. 3 Chain Tensioner Assembly) *18 VVT-i Controller (Camshaft Timing Gear Assembly)
      *19 No. 2 Chain Vibration Damper - -