1. The non-contact type accelerator pedal sensor assembly uses a Hall IC.

    2. The magnetic yoke mounted at the base of the accelerator pedal arm moves around the Hall IC in accordance with the amount of effort applied to the accelerator pedal. The Hall IC converts the changes in the magnetic flux that occur into electrical signals, and outputs them in the form of accelerator pedal effort to the ECM.

    3. This accelerator pedal sensor assembly includes 2 Hall ICs and circuits for the main and sub signals. Accelerator pedal sensor assembly converts the accelerator pedal depressed angles into electric signals with 2 differing characteristics and outputs them to the ECM.

    4. When the depressing force applied to the accelerator pedal is greater than a predetermined amount, the ECM detects a "kick down on" from the VPA signal provided by the accelerator pedal sensor assembly.