• Initialization can be confirmed through the tire pressure warning light.

  • The order in which the data is received is random.

  • If the signals from all the wheels are received, initialization is completed.

  • Initialization is completed when the Data List "ID Tire Inflation Pressure" display shows the correct pressures Click here.

  • Initialization is normally completed within a few minutes.

  • It may take up to a few minutes until the values are displayed. If the values are not displayed after a few minutes, perform troubleshooting according to the inspection procedure for DTCs C2121/21 to C2124/24 Click here.

  • If initialization has not been completed successfully, DTC C2177/77 is stored after a vehicle speed of 37 km/h (23 mph) or more continues for 20 minutes or more.

  • During test mode (sensor check mode), the system will not change to initialization mode even if the tire pressure warning reset switch is pushed.

  • A004ND9E34

    Initialization can be terminated by connecting terminals 13 (TC) and 4 (CG) of the DLC3.

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*a Front view of DLC3


    1. Make sure that the tires are cold.

    2. Set the air pressure of all tires to the specified value(s) Click here.


    1. Turn the ignition switch to ON.

    2. Press and hold the tire pressure warning reset switch for 3 seconds or more so that the tire pressure warning light blinks 3 times.

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      *A for RHD *B for LHD
      *1 Tire Pressure Warning Light *2 Tire Pressure Warning Reset Switch
      *a Tire Pressure Warning Light Output Pattern *b 1 sec.
      *c ON *d OFF
    3. Turn the ignition switch off.

    4. Connect the GTS to the DLC3.

    5. Turn the ignition switch to ON and turn the GTS on.

    6. Enter the following menus: Chassis / Tire Pressure Monitor / Data List.

    7. Check that initialization has been completed.

    8. Confirm that the tire pressure data of all tires is displayed on the GTS screen.