1. A forced-feed circulation lubrication system is used.

    2. All oil passes through an oil filter.

    3. A gear-type oil pump is used.

    4. The oil pump with vacuum pump assembly is driven by the crankshaft via the oil pump drive chain sub-assembly.

    5. A water-cooled type oil cooler is used to lower the oil temperature.

    6. No. 1 oil nozzle sub-assemblies are provided for cooling the piston.

      *1 No. 1 Chain Tensioner *2 No. 2 Chain Tensioner
      *3 No. 2 Oil Nozzle Sub-assembly *4 Oil Pump with Vacuum Pump Assembly
      *5 No. 1 Oil Nozzle Sub-assembly *6 Oil Cooler
      *7 Oil Filter - -