1. Roof Head Lining

      1. A sound absorbing material provided to the roof head lining which is in contact with the roof panel, and restrained the rain sound from being transmitted to the cabin.

        *1 Roof Head Lining - -
        *a A - A Cross Section *b Sound Absorbing Material
    2. Upper Back Panel

      1. An upper back panel hole cover No. 1 (large sized urethane sound absorbing material) is provided on the upper back panel to suppress the rear road noise transmitted to the cabin.

        *1 Upper Back Panel Hole Cover No. 1 - -
    3. Door Trim

      1. By providing parallel ribs on the inner around of the door trim, excellent vibration and noise performance is secured.

        *1 Door Trim *2 Door Panel
        *a A - A Cross Section *b Rib
    4. Floor Silencer

      1. A large floor silence with sound absorbing material in the optimum placed provided to under the floor carpet. Excellent sound absorbing effect is exhibited on the entire cabin floor, and quiet cabin space is realized.