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*1 Centering Bolt
*2 Standard Bolt

Tech Tips

  • Centering bolts are used to mount the hood hinge and hood lock. The hood and hood lock cannot be adjusted with the centering bolts installed. Substitute the centering bolts with standard bolts when making adjustments.

  • Specified torque for standard bolts is shown in the standard bolt chart Click here.


    1. Check that the clearance measurements of areas *a through *f are within each standard range.

      Standard Clearance
      Area Measurement Area Measurement
      *a 5.5 to 9.5 mm (0.217 to 0.374 in.) *b -0.8 to 3.2 mm (-0.0315 to 0.126 in.)
      *c 8.7 to 12.7 mm (0.345 to 0.50 in.) *d 2.8 to 6.8 mm (0.110 to 0.268 in.)
      *e 2.3 to 5.3 mm (0.0906 to 0.209 in.) *f -1.5 to 1.5 mm (-0.0590 to 0.0590 in.)

    1. Horizontally and vertically adjust the hood.

      1. A01EXFV

        Loosen the 4 hinge bolts of the hood.

      2. Adjust the clearance between the hood and front fender by moving the hood.

      3. Tighten the 4 hinge bolts after the adjustment.

        13 N*m  { 133 kgf*cm, 10 ft.*lbf }
    2. Adjust the height of the front end of the hood using the cushion rubbers.

      1. A01EWEP

        Adjust the 2 cushion rubbers so that the heights of the hood and fender are aligned.

        Tech Tips

        Raise or lower the front end of the hood by turning the 2 cushion rubbers.

    3. Remove the front bumper assembly Click here.

    4. Adjust the hood lock.

      1. A01EYFOE01
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        *1 Protective Tape

        Using a screwdriver, remove the hood lock nut cap.

        Tech Tips

        Tape the screwdriver tip before use.

      2. A01EV4OE01
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        *1 Hood Lock Bolt

        Loosen the 2 bolts and hood lock bolt.

      3. Adjust the hood lock and tighten the 2 bolts and hood lock bolt.

        7.5 N*m  { 76 kgf*cm, 66 in.*lbf }
      4. Check that the striker can engage with the hood lock smoothly.

    5. A01EW6V

      Install a new hood lock nut cap.

    6. Install the front bumper assembly Click here.