1. Lightweight and Highly Rigid Body

      1. High-strength steel, ultra high-strength steel, hot-stamped steel sheet and aluminum components are used in order to achieve excellent body rigidity and a lightweight body.

    2. Safety Features

      1. The impact absorbing structure minimizes cabin deformation by effectively helping to absorb the impact energy in the event of a front, side or rear collision. This provides high performance occupant protection.

    3. Rust-resistant Body

      1. Rust-resistant performance is enhanced by the extensive use of anti-corrosion sheet steel, as well as by an anti-corrosion treatment that includes the application of anti-rust wax, sealer and anti-chipping paint to the easily corroded parts such as the hood and fender.

    4. Low Vibration and Low Noise Body

      1. Effective application of vibration damping and noise suppressant materials reduces engine, wind and road noise.

    5. Aerodynamics

      1. Various types of airflow routing parts that control airflow are provided under the floor, and an undercover is provided to make the under-floor area flat in order to ensure excellent aerodynamic performance.


    1. Aim of Exterior Design

      1. A Structure with a Bold and Strong Presence

        1. Based on the Lexus three-dimensional structure with distinctive shapes in plan view, the diamond shaped main body continuing from the spindle grille all the way to the rear expresses a sleek and bold shape befitting the RX.

        2. The front and rear flares protrude from the tapered front and rear ends of the main body, expressing a flowing and bold strength befitting a premium SUV.

      2. "Irregular" Three-Dimensional Structure

        1. The main shape starting from the spindle grille is separated from the voluminous front flares towards the front. In plan view, the peaks of the main structure (*1)have been moved rearwards, creating a structure with the front area pushed out(*2). The fusion of the two areas into one mass results in a seductively irregular expression.

        2. At the same time, the flowing shoulder area, a characteristic of the RX, crosses over two different areas. The resulting "irregularity" of the three-dimensional structure gives the design depth.

      3. The Aim was to Create Exterior Styling that carries over the Stylish Image of the Second-row Seat Models (RX450hL)

        1. The silhouette combinations an elegantly flowing design with practical usability.

        2. The rear overhang has been extended by 110 mm to maintain the theme of the second-row seat models.

          *a Pillar theme carried over *b Back door glass strongly slanted while maintain usability
          *c +110 mm (Compared to second-row seat models) - -
      4. Surfaces

        1. The gradually changing curvature of the cross-section of the large concave surfaces give the complex form a simple and elegant expression. Combining these concave surfaces with the raised character lines created at their edges accentuates the sharpness of the lines. We challenged ourselves to make a new surface which adds sharpness to the rich and generous surfaces.

      5. Fusion of Details in the Overall Theme

        1. By three dimensionally fusing detailed parts such as the grille and chrome-plated parts into the overall design, we aimed to create an advanced image expressing simple strength.

        2. The floating pillar is hemmed by the chrome window molding, and the hidden pillar in the quarter window has been emphasized (*1).

        3. The sharply shaped baffles have been fused with the rocker molding, emphasizing the strength of the rocker panel (*2).

        4. The hood and the grille have a greater sense of unity created by the surface-emphasizing grille bars, and the spindle grille has been three dimensionally fused with the overall shape (*3).

        5. The arrow shaped fog lamp bezels have been fused with the shape of the front fender, creating a sharp fender with a solid feel (*4).

      6. "Time in design"

        1. The front and rear of the vehicle express a bold stance, which changes to a sleek silhouette when viewed from the side. This change of expression depending on the viewing angle embodies "Time in design".

    2. Front Design

      1. The fold-back point of the grille is positioned higher, and the thin and sharp upper section contrasts with the thick and bold lower section, expressing a front with both sharpness and power (*1).

      2. By showing off the grille bars as surfaces, the continuity with the hood has been accentuated, and the spindle grille has been fused with the overall body (*2).

      3. In the lower area, the alleviation of approach angle restrictions has been maximized, expressing a bold underbody. The shape of the protector has been integrated with the lower part of the spindle grille, expressing the evolution of the SUV spindle grille (*3).

    3. Rear Design

      1. A spindle shape theme has been adopted where the flow of the side shape starting from the hood folds back at the inside of the rear combination lamps. Detailed parts such as the diffuser have been integrated, and the overall rear expresses a powerful stance (*1).

      2. From the tapered rear volume of the spindle shape, the fenders around the rear combination lamps protrude to express a wide feel at the rear. This has resulted in an excellent stance and a wide feel (*2).

      3. Rear Bumper Lower (RX450hL)

        1. A long thin satin-plated molding runs horizontally along the bumper lower, realizing differentiation from the second-row seat models and luxurious impression.

          *a Exclusive satin-plated molding - -