1. Ion Generator Sub-assembly

      1. The ion generator sub-assembly is controlled by the air conditioning amplifier assembly and operates in accordance with the blower motor with fan sub-assembly.

      2. The ion generator sub-assembly emits "nanoe" ions that are electrically charged and encapsulated with water. The ions are discharged into the cabin through the driver side vent to provide skin-friendly clean air.*

        *: According to temperature and humidity conditions, fan speed and air outlet mode selected, the ion generator sub-assembly may not operate at full capacity.

        *1 Ion Generator Sub-assembly - -
        *a Common Negative Ion *b "nanoe"


        *d Electron


        Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the ion generator sub-assembly because it contains high voltage parts.


        Do not insert anything into the driver side vent, attach anything to it, or use sprays around the driver side vent. These things may cause the ion generator sub-assembly not to work properly.

        Tech Tips

        • When the ion generator sub-assembly operates, a small amount of ozone is emitted and may be faintly smelled in some situations. However, this is approximately the same as the amount that already exists in nature, such as in forests, and as such has no effect on the human body.

        • A slight noise may be heard during operation.

        • This does not indicate a malfunction.

        • "nanoe" is a trademark of Panasonic Co., Ltd.