1. The U660E automatic transaxle uses an input speed sensor NT and an output speed sensor NC. Thus, the TCM can detect the timing of the shifting of the gears and appropriately control the engine torque and hydraulic pressure in response to the various conditions.

    2. The input speed sensor NT detects the input speed of the transaxle. The No. 2 clutch piston is used as the timing rotor for this sensor.

    3. The output speed sensor NC detects the speed of the counter gear. The counter drive gear is used as the timing rotor for this sensor.

    4. A Hall type speed sensor consists of a magnet and a Hall IC. The Hall IC converts the changes in magnetic flux density that occur through the rotation of the timing rotor into an electric signal, and outputs the signal to the TCM.

      *1 No. 2 Upper Valve Body *2

      Transmission Revolution Sensor

      • Input Speed Sensor NT


      Transmission Revolution Sensor

      • Output Speed Sensor NC

      *4 No. 1 Upper Valve Body
      *5 Lower Valve Body - -
      *a Engine Side - -