1. The valve lash adjuster assemblies, which are located at the fulcrum (pivot point) of the roller rocker arms, each consist primarily of a plunger, plunger spring, check ball, and check ball spring.

    2. Both the engine oil that is supplied by the cylinder head and the built-in spring actuate the valve lash adjuster assembly. The oil pressure and the spring force that act on the plunger push the No. 1 valve rocker arm sub-assembly against the cam, in order to adjust the clearance between the valve stem and the No. 1 valve rocker arm. This prevents the generation of noise during the opening and closing of the valves. As a result, engine noise is reduced.

      *1 Plunger *2 Check Ball
      *3 Check Ball Spring *4 Plunger Spring
      *5 Valve Lash Adjuster Assembly *6 Cam
      *7 No. 1 Valve Rocker Arm Sub-assembly - -
      *a Oil Passage - -