1. A power slide door system has been made available according to the vehicle specification.

    2. The power slide door system automatically opens and closes the right and left slide doors through the use of the door control switch assembly, electrical key transmitter sub-assembly power slide door button or inside/outside door handles. Furthermore, a one-touch switch which can open and close the power slide door with just a press of the switch has been positioned next to the outside handle in an effort to improve usability.

    3. A power slide door main switch which can turn the power slide door system on and off has been positioned in the driver side instrument panel. When the power slide door main switch is turned off, the power slide door cannot be operated. However, even when the power slide door main switch is turned off, the slide door closer function operates.

    4. A wireless one-motion opener function, smart one-motion opener function and reserve lock function have been made available in an effort to improve usability.

    5. In consideration of safety, a buzzer sound during power slide door operation, and jam protection control which functions in the opening and closing directions have been made available.

    6. The slide door motor unit and door step have been made a single part in an effort to reduce weight.