1. Interior Light

      1. Each of lights is positioned to ensure convenience and comfort.

    2. Illuminated Entry System

      1. The illuminated entry system turns the lights on and off in conjunction with the opening and closing or locking and unlocking of the doors, ensuring nighttime usability.

      2. The illuminated entry system is controlled by the main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU).


    1. Interior Light

      Light Specification Quantity
      Map Light Assembly 8 W (T10) 2
      Vanity Light Assembly*1 5 W (T10) 1
      No. 1 Luggage Compartment Light Assembly 5 W (T10) 1
      Dome Light (No. 1 Room Light Assembly)*2 8 W (T10) 1
      Rear Room Light (No. 1 Room Light Assembly)*3 8 W (T10) 2
      Glove Box Light Assembly*4 LED 1
      Power Switch Illumination LED 2

      *1: Models with vanity lights

      *2: Models with roof sunshade system

      *3: Models without roof sunshade system

      *4: Models with glove box light