1. HV Battery

      Item Specification
      Type Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Battery
      Cell Quantity 168 Cells (6 Cells x 28 Modules)
      Nominal Voltage V 201.6
      Battery Capacity (3HR) Ah 6.5
    2. Cooling System (for HV Battery)

      Item Specification
      Battery Cooling Blower Assembly Motor Type Brushless
      Fan Type Sirocco Fan
      Air Flow Volume



    1. Cooling System

      1. To ensure the proper performance of the HV battery while it generates heat during repetitive charge and discharge cycles, a dedicated cooling system is used for the HV battery.

        *1 Intake Air Duct *2 Battery Cooling Blower Assembly
        *3 HV Battery Assembly *4 Exhaust Air Duct
        A01KE7Q Cooling Air Flow - -
    2. Service Plug Grip

      1. By removing the service plug grip before performing any inspection or service, the high-voltage circuit is shut off at an intermediate position of the HV battery, thus ensuring safety during service.

        *1 Service Plug Grip *2 Insulated Gloves


        A charge remains in the high-voltage capacitor in the inverter with converter assembly after the high-voltage circuits are shut down. When servicing a hybrid vehicle, after the service plug grip is removed, wait at least 10 minutes to allow the capacitor to discharge before beginning work.


        • The service plug grip should never be removed when the system is in the on (READY) state.

        • After removing the service plug grip, turning the power switch on (READY) may cause a malfunction. Do not turn the power switch on (READY) unless instructed by the Repair Manual.

      2. The service plug grip is connected in the middle of the battery module circuit and is used for manually shutting off the high-voltage circuit. This ensures safety during service.

      3. The main fuse for the high-voltage circuit is provided inside of the service plug grip.

      4. An interlock switch is provided on the service plug grip. When the grip section is unlocked, the interlock switch is turned off and the power management control ECU shuts off the system main relays. However, to ensure safety, make sure to turn the power switch off before removing the service plug grip.

        *1 HV Battery
        *2 Main Fuse
        *3 Interlock Switch
        *4 Service Plug Grip


        For further details on how to handle the service plug grip and other safety cautions, refer to the Repair Manual.