CAN Communication Signals
Item Sends to Engine Stop and Start ECU Receives from Engine Stop and Start ECU
  • Engine Speed

  • Engine Coolant Temperature

  • Accelerator Pedal Position

  • Brake Booster Vacuum

  • Charge Request

  • Battery Voltage

  • Battery Current

  • Battery Temperature

  • Battery State of Charging

Main Body ECU (Multiplex Network Body ECU)
  • Front Door Courtesy Switch (Driver)

  • Front Seat Belt Buckle switch (Driver)

Combination Meter Assembly Ambient Temperature
  • Stop and Start Indicator Light

  • Stop and Start Cancel Indicator Light

  • Multi-information Display (ECO Time and ECO Odometer)

Air Conditioning Amplifier Assembly Engine Start Request -
Brake Actuator Assembly Skid Control ECU
  • Vehicle Speed

  • Vehicle Wheel Speed

Airbag Sensor Assembly Airbag Deployment Information in the Event of a Collision and Deceleration Signal -
Power Steering ECU Assembly EPS Assist Current -
Clearance Warning ECU Assembly IPA Display Information -