1. Air Cleaner Assembly

      1. A nonwoven, full-fabric type air cleaner element is used.

      2. A cyclone pre-cleaner has been provided in the air cleaner inlet. This cyclone pre-cleaner has a screw shape and gathers large-sized dust particles in a dust cup by swirling the inlet air.

        Text in Illustration
        *1 Air Cleaner Cap *2 Air Cleaner Element
        *3 Air Cleaner Case *4 Cyclone Pre-cleaner
        *5 Turbinated Blade *6 Dust Cup
        *a Swirl Air Flow - -
    2. Throttle with Motor Body Assembly

      1. A linkless-type throttle body, in which the throttle position sensor and the throttle control motor are integrated, is used. It achieves excellent throttle valve control.

      2. For the throttle control motor, a DC motor with excellent response and minimal power consumption is used. The ECM performs duty cycle control of the direction and the amperage of the current supplied to the throttle control motor in order to regulate the throttle valve angle.

        Text in Illustration
        *1 Throttle Control Motor *2 Throttle Position Sensor
        *3 Reduction Gear *4 Throttle Valve
        *5 Throttle with Motor Body Assembly - -