1. The functions of the Bluetooth audio system that can be used vary with the version of the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) supported by the Bluetooth audio player that is being used.

    2. The available Bluetooth audio system functions differ in accordance with each Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) as follows:

      Function Outline Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
      Version 1.0 Version 1.3 Version 1.4 or higher
      Play Starts playing the music.
      Stop Stops playing the music.
      Pause Pauses the music.
      Track Up/Down Changes the track.
      Fast Up/Down Fast-forwards or reverses.
      Album Up/Down Changes the album. -
      Repeat (Single Repeat) Repeats the selected music. -
      Random (All Track Random) Plays all the music in the portable audio device at random. -
      Scan (All Track Scan) Scans all the music in the portable audio device. -
      Music Information Shows track number, playtime, track name, artist name and album name. -
      Remaining Battery Level Shows the remaining battery level of the Bluetooth audio player. -
      Music List Shows the music list. - -

      ○: Applicable

      -: Not applicable

    3. The functions of the Bluetooth audio system are shown in the following table:

      Function Outline
      Set Bluetooth Audio Player Registering a Bluetooth Audio Player In order to use the Bluetooth audio system with a Bluetooth audio player, it is necessary to register it to the audio head unit. Once a Bluetooth audio player is registered, the Bluetooth audio system connects automatically. The user can register up to 2*1 or 5*2*3 Bluetooth audio players.
      Deleting a Bluetooth Audio Player The user can delete a Bluetooth audio player.
      Connecting a Bluetooth Audio Player Enables the user to select whether to connect to a Bluetooth audio player automatically or manually. If a Bluetooth audio player has been registered and automatic connection is enabled, the Bluetooth audio player will be connected automatically.
      Change Settings of Bluetooth Audio Selecting a Bluetooth Audio Player If the user has registered a second Bluetooth audio player, either one can be selected for connection.
      Displaying a Bluetooth Audio Player*2 The user can view the information of the Bluetooth audio player on the system.
      Changing the Connection Method*2 Enables the user to select the connection method. With this function, the user determines whether to make a connection from the audio head unit to the Bluetooth audio player or from the Bluetooth audio player to the audio head unit.
      Displaying the Bluetooth Audio Setting The user can see the Bluetooth audio information settings on the system.
      Changing the Device Name or Passcode The user can change a device name or a passcode.
      Initializing the Bluetooth Audio Settings The user can initialize the settings.

      *1: Models with 6-speaker sound system

      *2: Models with Lexus display audio system or navigation system

      *3: The maximum number of Bluetooth devices that can be registered (including Bluetooth phones and Bluetooth audio players).