1. The U760E automatic transaxle is used. This automatic transaxle is a compact, lightweight and high-capacity 6-speed super Electronically Controlled Transaxle (ECT).

      1. This automatic transaxle is equipped with a Multi-mode Automatic Transmission function.

    2. A transmission control cable assembly with a length adjustment mechanism is used.

    3. A shift pattern is provided that has an S position to the side of the D position.

    4. A shift lock system is used.

    5. A shift lock override release button, which manually overrides the shift lock mechanism, is provided.


      Tech Tips

      The transmission control cable assembly is secured by the lock piece of the adjustment mechanism. Adjustment of the transmission control cable assembly is possible by releasing the lock piece from the cable. For details, refer to the Repair Manual.

      Text in Illustration
      *1 Transmission Control Cable Assembly *2 Lock Piece
      *3 Slider - -
      *a Adjustment Mechanism *b Adjustment Mechanism Cross Section

    1. Ignition Switch Expressions

      1. The type of ignition switch used on this model differs depending on the specifications of the vehicle. The expressions listed in the table below are used in this section.


        Ignition Switch


        Engine Switch


        Ignition Switch off LOCK Off (Lock)
        Ignition Switch ACC ACC On (ACC)
        Ignition Switch ON ON On (IG)
        Engine Start START On (Start)

    1. Automatic Transaxle Assembly

      Transaxle Type U760E
      Gear Ratio 1st 3.300
      2nd 1.900
      3rd 1.420
      4th 1.000
      5th 0.713
      6th 0.608
      Reverse 4.148
      Differential Gear Ratio*1 4.356
      Fluid Capacity*2 Liters (US qts, Imp. qts) 6.5 (6.87, 5.72)
      Fluid Type TOYOTA Genuine ATF WS
      Weight (Reference)*3 kg (lb) 82.7 (182.3)

      • *1: Counter gear ratio included.

      • *2: Differential included

      • *3: The weight shown is the weight of the part fully filled with fluid.

      C1 No. 1 Clutch No. of Discs 3
      C2 No. 2 Clutch 2
      B1 No. 1 Brake 3
      B2 No. 2 Brake 5
      B3 No. 3 Brake 3
      F1 No. 1 One-way Clutch No. of Sprags 20
      Ravigneaux Planetary Gear Unit No. of Front Sun Gear Teeth 27
      No. of Rear Sun Gear Teeth 30
      No. of Long Pinion Gear Teeth 20
      No. of Short Pinion Gear Teeth 22
      No. of Ring Gear Teeth 69
      U/D Planetary Gear Unit No. of Sun Gear Teeth 66
      No. of Pinion Gear Teeth 21
      No. of Ring Gear Teeth 110
      Counter Gear No. of Drive Gear Teeth 44
      No. of Driven Gear Teeth 46
    2. Torque Converter Assembly

      Torque Converter Assembly Type 3-element, 1-step, 2-phase
      Stall Torque Ratio 1.85