1. Lightweight and Highly Rigid Body

      1. High-strength steel, ultra high-tensile strength steel, and aluminum steel are used in order to achieve excellent body rigidity and a lightweight body.

    2. Safety Features

      1. The impact absorbing structure minimizes cabin deformation by effectively helping to absorb the impact energy in the event of a front, side or rear collision. This provides high performance occupant protection.

    3. Rust-resistant Body

      1. Rust-resistant performance is enhanced by the extensive use of anti-corrosion sheet steel and aluminum steel as well as by an anti-corrosion treatment that includes the application of anti-rust wax and sealer to the easily corroded parts such as to the edge of the door lower portion, door hinge, the fuel filler lid hinge, the hemmed portions of the hood panel.

    4. Low Vibration and Low Noise Body

      1. Effective application of vibration damping and noise suppressant materials reduces engine, wind and road noise.

    5. Aerodynamics

      1. Optimization of the shape of the body and underfloor ensures excellent aerodynamic performance.


    1. Exterior Design

      1. Front View

        1. A radiator grille design which emphasizes a feeling of solidity has been unified with a fender panel design which has a strengthened inflection, thus expressing sophisticated strength appropriate for a flagship vehicle.

        2. The fender panel has been designed with a strong lateral movement, and the hood panel has been tightened using the center bulge, thus emphasizing a powerful and firm expression.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Hood Panel *2 Radiator Grille
          *3 Fender Panel - -
          *a Center Bulge - -
        3. An exclusive front bumper is used on F SPORT. The opening of the radiator grille lower No. 1 has been enlarged to ensure cooling performance, and plating is used on the front bumper side molding, resulting in a sophisticated finish with an appeal appropriate for the F SPORT Lexus flagship model.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Radiator Grille Lower No. 1 *2 Front Bumper
          *3 Front Bumper Side Molding - -
          *a Plating - -
        4. The lower end of the radiator grille has been lowered and the radiator grille lower No. 1 has been moved further down, thus achieving a design with a stable posture and a low center of gravity.

          Text in Illustration
          *A New Model *B Previous Model
          *1 Radiator Grille *2 Radiator Grille Lower No. 1
        5. A low center of gravity package is used on F SPORT and the center is 10 mm (0.39 in.) lower than standard models.

          Text in Illustration
          *A Except F SPORT *B F SPORT
        6. A spindle grille, which is the latest Lexus brand motif, is used on the front end to give an appearance appropriate to the brand-leading next generation of Lexus vehicles. An enhanced spindle grille which is appropriate for the flagship Lexus model is provided together with an enlarged radiator grille and a plating frame which is seamlessly integrated around the circumference of the radiator grille and bumper opening. In addition, the inner side of the radiator grille has been separated and a dedicated color is used for the inside, thus giving a solid protruding feeling in the central portion of the vehicle.

          Tech Tips

          *: The radiator grille and the bumper opening portion are integrated together while also inheriting the front design identity expressed by LEXUS models ranging from HS to CT, to evolve them into a simple and dynamic prospect (A in the following illustration). In addition, the radiator grille is synchronized with the neighboring design of the front to express an identity unique to the LEXUS brand which achieves both boldness and elegance (B in the following illustration).

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Radiator Grille *2 Radiator Grille Lower No. 1
          *a Spindle-grille - -
        7. A horizontal bar type radiator grille and radiator grille lower No. 1 are used.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Radiator Grille *2 Radiator Grille Lower No. 1
        8. A mesh type radiator grille and radiator grille lower No. 1 are used on F SPORT. Also, the shape and depth of the plate frame and front bumper extension sub-assembly which extends from the frame have been changed, thus producing an expression unique to F SPORT.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Radiator Grille *2 Front Bumper Extension Sub-assembly
          *3 Radiator Grille Lower No. 1 - -
        9. A full LED light with triple-lens structure is used for the headlight. Light guiding technology is used for Daytime Running Light (DRL), thus giving a seamless and crystalline appearance and the appeal of Lexus originality with an emphasized L-shape design.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Daytime Running Light *2 Front Turn Signal Light
        10. An LED fog light is used. By using LED, the world's smallest class of light source has been achieved. Also, the fog light illuminates toward the bottom through an extension slit under the polyellipsoid (PES) lens in response to the spindle grille and L-shaped DRL, thus giving the appeal of Lexus originality.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Fog Light Assembly - -
          *a PES Lens *b Extension Slit
          *c Illumination Image - -
        11. Round LED fog lights which are more compact and lightweight compared to standard models are used on F SPORT. Also, an opening area is ensured in the fog light cover to take in air and the weight of the front overhang is reduced, thus helping to improve vehicle mobility.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Fog Light Assembly *2 Fog Light Cover
          *a Illumination Image - -
      2. Rear View

        1. The pillar flow curves at the rear end of the luggage compartment, giving a rear design theme with an inverted trapezoidal shape. As a result, the compatibility with the front spindle grille and a stable posture with a sense of wideness and a low center of gravity are emphasized.

          Text in Illustration
          *a Pillar Portion *b Luggage Compartment Rear End Portion
        2. Rear bumper molding with plating and an exclusive rear bumper cover lower with gray metallic paint are used in the lower portion of the rear bumper on F SPORT.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Rear Bumper Molding *2 Rear Bumper Cover Lower
        3. the rear light assembly and the rear combination light assembly, the height of the lights has been reduced, and a wide feeling is emphasized by an elegant line which connects with the license garnish.

        4. The L-shape design of the L-shaped motif in the rear combination light assembly, which is a Lexus design cue, has been emphasized by the solid placement of 3 thick molded lenses (3D crystal light guides) and by structuring the extensions so that the areas surrounding the lenses are blacked out. Moreover, the L-shaped motif is synchronized with an inverted trapezoidal shape which curves at the rear ends of the luggage compartment, achieving a feature which has the appeal of Lexus originality.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 Rear Combination Light Assembly *2 Rear Light Assembly
          *3 Outside Luggage Compartment Door Garnish Sub-assembly - -
          *a L-shaped Motif - -
      3. Side View

        1. The front grille surface is vertically positioned to emphasize the forward-looking impression and to fit the long hood panel, thus achieving a flexible basic framework with a strong protruding feel.

        2. For the rocker and the body rocker panel molding assembly, a sharp, unified-feeling design which continues from the front wheel flare is used, thus integrating the entire vehicle design with an expression of strength.

          Text in Illustration
          *A Standard Body *B Long Body
          *1 Body Rocker Panel Molding Assembly - -
          *a Front Wheel Flare - -
        3. The "F SPORT" emblem (front fender name plate) is provided on the front fender panel on F SPORT.

        4. Exclusive 19 in. aluminum wheels are provided on F SPORT.

          Text in Illustration
          *1 F SPORT Emblem *2 Exclusive 19 in. Aluminum Wheel