1. The theft deterrent system is controlled by the certification ECU. The theft deterrent system will operate when an attempt is made to forcibly enter the vehicle or open the engine hood, when the battery terminals are removed and reconnected, when objects moving in the cabin are detected*1 or when the vehicle is determined to be sloping*2.

    2. The system consists of power door lock control system parts, entry and start system parts, a theft warning radar sensor assembly*1, a tilt sensor*2, a security indicator light, a security horn and a theft warning siren assembly*3.

      • *1: Models with theft warning radar sensor assembly

      • *2: Models with tilt sensor

      • *3: Models with theft warning siren assembly

    3. The warning specifications of this system are listed below:


    Warning Method Hazard Light Flashes
    Vehicle Horn Sounds a warning in approx. 0.4-second cycles
    Security Horn Sounds a warning in approx. 0.4-second cycles
    Self-power Siren (Theft Warning Siren) Sounds a warning at the cycle of the theft warning siren assembly
    Door Lock Motor Locks
    Warning Time 27.5 seconds