1. In the multi-terrain select, the multi-terrain monitor system uses television camera assemblies located on the front grille, outer rear view mirror assembly and back door*1 or spare tire back door carrier*2 and displays images on the multi display*3 or accessory meter assembly*4 to allow the driver to see blind spots around the vehicle, thus assisting the driver's vision.

    2. A switch to turn the multi-terrain monitor system on and off and to switch the screen display is located on the steering wheel.

    3. The system consists of the television camera assemblies, multi display assembly*3, accessory meter assembly*4, steering pad switch and parking assist ECU.

      • *1: Models without back door spare tire carrier

      • *2: Models with back door spare tire carrier

      • *3: Models with navigation system

      • *4: Models without navigation system


    1. In the following cases, it may become difficult to see items in the image on the screen, but this does not indicate a malfunction.

      1. In the dark (for example, at night)

      2. When the temperature near the lens is very high or low

      3. When water droplets are present on the television camera, or when humidity is high (for example, when it rains)

      4. When foreign matter (for example, mud or salt) is present on the television camera lens

      5. When sunlight or headlights are shining directly into the television camera lens

    2. If a bright light (for example, sunlight reflected off the vehicle body) is picked up by the television camera, the smear effect*, a phenomenon experienced by a CCD camera, may occur.

      Tech Tips

      *: A phenomenon that occurs when a bright light is received by the television camera and transmitted to the screen. The light source will appear to have a vertical streak above and below it.

      Text in Illustration
      *a Vertical Streak *b Bright Light
      *c Front View Mode *d Rear View Mode
    3. Initialization Function During Part Replacement

      1. The initialization function must always be performed whenever one of the conditions indicated in the table below occurs.

        Parts Name Condition Initialization Item
        Television Camera Assemblies
        • Camera position shifting

        • Removal and reassembly

        • Replacement

        • Deformation due to the mount area having been struck

        Camera position adjustment*

        • Roll angle, pan angle, tilt angle

        Parking Assist ECU Replacement

        Camera position adjustment*

        • Roll angle, pan angle, tilt angle

        • *: Models with multi display assembly

      2. The initialization function described above is performed on the service menu screen.

      3. The method for displaying the service menu screen is the same as that for the multi display. For details, refer to the corresponding Repair Manual for this model.