1. The wireless door lock control system is a convenient system for locking and unlocking all the doors from a distance.

    2. In this system, the door control receiver*1 or certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly)*2 performs the code identification process and the main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU) performs door lock control.

    3. A door control transmitter*1 or electrical key transmitter*2 is used, and it contains the following 2 buttons: the "lock" button and "unlock" button.

    4. A rolling code system is used, in which the signal configuration changes each time a signal is transmitted by a door control transmitter*1 and electrical key transmitter*2.

      *1: Models without entry and start system

      *2: Models with entry and start system

      Tech Tips

      When preparing a new transmitter to replace one that has been lost, it is necessary to register the recognition code. For details, refer to the Service Bulletin.