1. A K411 Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is used on the models with the 1NR-FE engine.

    2. A 7-speed sport sequential shiftmatic system with shift paddle switch (transmission shift switch assembly) is used.

    3. A pattern select switch assembly is used.

    4. A gate type shift lever is used.


    1. CVT Assembly

      Shift Mechanism Pulley and Steel Belt
      Forward/Reverse Switching Mechanism Double Pinion Type Planetary Gear
      Pulley Ratio Forward 2.386 to 0.431
      Reverse 2.505
      Differential Gear Ratio*1 5.079
      Fluid Capacity 6.5 Liters (6.87 US qts, 5.72 Imp. qts)
      Fluid Type Toyota Genuine CVT Fluid TC
      Weight (Reference)*2 62.9 kg (138.7 lb)

      Tech Tips

      *1: Reduction gear ratio included.

      *2: Weight shows the figure with the fluid fully filled.

    2. Friction Disc and Gears

      Planetary Gear No. of Sun Gear Teeth 40
      No. of No. 1 Pinion Gear Teeth 18
      No. of No. 2 Pinion Gear Teeth 17
      No. of Ring Gear Teeth 82
      Forward Clutch No. of Discs 2
      Reverse Brake No. of Discs 3
      Reduction Gear Drive Gear 28
      Driven Gear 39
      Differential Gear Drive Gear 17
      Driven Gear 62
    3. Torque Converter Assembly

      Torque Converter Type 3-element, 1-step, 2-phase
      Stall Torque Ratio 1.86

    1. The K411 CVT has achieved the following performance features through the use of these items:

      Item Fuel Economy Power Efficiency Driveability Quietness
      Pulley and Steel Belt
      Torque Converter Assembly
      Oil Pump Assembly -
      Forward/Reverse Switching Unit -
      Transmission Valve Body Assembly -
      Oil Pump Motor Assembly* - -
      Electronic Control Engine - CVT Integrated Control -
      Pulley Ratio Control Automatic Shift Control -
      Acceleration Improvement Control - -
      7-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic with Shift Paddle Switch (Transmission Shift Switch Assembly) - - -
      Neutral Control - - -
      Shift Control in Uphill/Downhill Traveling - - -
      Lock-up Control - -
      Flex Lock-up Control - -
      CVT Sport Mode - - -

      • ○: Applicable -: Not applicable

      • *: Models with stop and start system