1. Air Cleaner

      1. A Nonwoven, full-fabric type air cleaner element is used.

      2. The air cleaner case integrated with a plastic fan shroud is used to have a more compact engine compartment.

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        *1 Fan Shroud *2

        Air Cleaner Filter Element Sub-assembly

        (Nonwoven Full-Fabric)

        *3 Air Cleaner Cap Sub-assembly - -
    2. Throttle Body

      1. A link-less type throttle body in which the throttle position sensor and the throttle control motor are integrated is used. It realizes excellent throttle valve control.

      2. In the throttle control motor, a DC motor with excellent response and minimal power consumption is used. The ECM performs the duty ratio control of the direction and the amperage of the current that flows to the throttle control motor in order to regulate the throttle valve angle.

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        *1 Throttle Control Motor *2 Throttle Valve
        *3 Return Spring *4 Throttle Position Sensor
    3. Intake Manifold and Intake Manifold Insulator No. 1

      1. The intake manifold has been made of plastic to reduce the weight and the amount of heat transferred from the cylinder head. As a result, it has become possible to reduce the intake air temperature and realize the high intake volumetric efficiency.

      2. The intake air surge tank contains an E.F.I. vacuum sensor assembly in which an intake air temperature sensor is integrated, to detect the intake manifold pressure and intake air temperature.

      3. An aluminum intake manifold insulator No. 1 is used between the cylinder head sub-assembly and the intake manifold. The intake manifold insulator No. 1 is structured to evenly introduce exhaust gas from the EGR valve assembly from through holes on the side of the intake ports into each cylinder.