Tech Tips

  • Point B, b and C, c on the vehicle are asymmetrical.

  • Length measurements are indicated at the points where the arrows extending from the zero point intersect the lines that extend towards the outside of the illustration from each point.

  • In cases in which only one dimension is given, left and right are symmetrical.

  • For symbols, capital letters indicate right side of vehicle, small letters indicate left side of vehicle (seen from rear).

Measuring Point Name
Symbol Name

Hole Diameter

mm (in.)

A, a Front Body Mounting Reinforcement Standard Hole φ10 (0.39)
B, b Front Crossmember Installation Nut M12 (0.47)
C, c Front Side Member Standard Hole φ18 (0.71)
D, d Front Suspension Crossmember Installation Nut M14 (0.55)
E, e Front Suspension Installation Hole φ12.5 (0.49)
F, f Front Suspension Crossmember Installation Nut M14 (0.55)
G, g Torque Front Box Standard Hole φ25 (0.98)
H, h Front Side Rear Member Standard Hole φ22 (0.87)
J, j Front Side Inner Rear Member Standard Hole φ18 (0.71)
K, k Front Floor Pan Standard Hole φ18 (0.71)
L, l Rear Floor Side Member Standard Hole φ25 (0.98)
M, m Trailing Arm Installation Hole φ15 (0.59)
N, n Rear Spring Plate Standard Hole φ10 (0.39)
O, o Rear Shock Absorber Installation Hole φ24.5 (0.96)
P, p Rear Floor Side Member Standard Hole φ16 (0.63)
Q, q Towing Hitch Installation Nut M12 (0.47)
Wheel Base
Wheel Base 2700 mm (106.30 in.)
*A Front *B LH
*C RH - -



- -
*a Imaginary Datum Line *b Height from Imaginary Datum Line



- -