Term Definition
Monitor Description Description of what ECM monitors and how it detects malfunctions (monitoring purpose and details).
Typical Enabling Conditions

Preconditions that allow ECM to detect malfunctions.

With all preconditions satisfied, ECM stores DTC when monitored value(s) exceeds malfunction threshold(s).

Required Sensors/Components Sensors and components used by ECM to detect each malfunction.
Frequency of Operation

Number of times ECM checks for each malfunction during each driving cycle.

"Once per driving cycle" means ECM only performs checks for that malfunction once during single driving cycle.

"Continuous" means ECM performs checks for that malfunction whenever enabling conditions are met.

Duration Minimum time for which ECM must detect continuous deviation in monitored value(s) in order to store DTC. Timing begins when Typical Enabling Conditions are met.
Typical Malfunction Thresholds Value beyond which ECM determines malfunctions exist and stores DTCs.