VARIABLE GEAR RATIO STEERING SYSTEM, Diagnostic DTC:C15A4/64, C15A9/66, C15AA/66, C15AB/66

DTC Code DTC Name
C15A4/64 Actuator Malfunction
C15A9/66 Lock Holder Deviation Detection
C15AA/66 Lock Mechanism Release Incomplete
C15AB/66 Lock Mechanism Insertion Malfunction


When the VGRS system is normal, the steering actuator conducts current from the steering control ECU to the steering actuator solenoid to release the lock mechanism, enabling motor operation.

The steering actuator does not operate under any of the following conditions:

If the steering control ECU detects a malfunction in the steering actuator lock mechanism or a motor rotation angle error, it will store these DTCs.

DTC Code DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area
C15A4/64 The steering control ECU detects that the difference between the actuator target angle and the actuator position is approximately 30° or more for 1 second. Steering actuator
C15A9/66 The steering control ECU detects that the lock pin is not aligned with the lock holder correctly. Steering actuator
C15AA/66 The steering control ECU cannot operate because the actuator lock cannot be released. Steering actuator
C15AB/66 The steering control ECU detects that the lock pin cannot be inserted into the lock holder. Steering actuator




    1. Replace steering actuator assembly Click here.


      Before replacing the steering actuator assembly, make sure to use the intelligent tester Data List to confirm and record the "Elec Angle Position" value Click here.