*1 DTC stored
    *2 0.5 seconds
    *3 Freeze frame data which can be read

    The ECM records vehicle and driving condition information as freeze frame data the moment a DTC is stored. When troubleshooting, freeze frame data can be helpful in determining whether the vehicle was moving or stationary, whether the engine was warmed up or not, whether the air fuel ratio was lean or rich, as well as other data recorded at the time of a malfunction.

    Tech Tips

    If it is impossible to replicate the problem even though a DTC is detected, confirm the freeze frame data.

    The ECM records engine conditions in the form of freeze frame data every 0.5 seconds. Using the GTS, 5 separate sets of freeze frame data can be checked.

    • 3 data sets before the DTC was stored.

    • 1 data set when the DTC was stored.

    • 1 data set after the DTC was stored.

    These data sets can be used to simulate the condition of the vehicle around the time of the occurrence the malfunction. The data may assist in identifying the cause of the malfunction, and judging whether it was temporary or not.


    Tech Tips

    Pending freeze frame data is stored when a 2 trip DTC is first detected during the first trip.

    1. Connect the GTS to the DLC3.

    2. Turn the power switch on (IG).

    3. Turn the GTS on.

    4. Enter the following menus: Powertrain / Engine and ECT / Trouble Codes.

      Powertrain > Engine and ECT > Trouble Codes
    5. Select a DTC in order to display its pending freeze frame data.

      Tech Tips

      • Pending freeze frame data is cleared when any of the following occurs.

        • Using the GTS, the DTCs cleared.

        • The cable is disconnected from the negative (-) auxiliary battery terminal.

        • 40 trips with the engine fully warmed up have been performed after returning to normal. (Pending freeze frame data will not be cleared by only returning the system to normal.)

      • With previous pending freeze frame data stored, if pending freeze frame data is newly stored when a 2 trip DTC is detected in the first trip, the old freeze frame data will be replaced with the new one of the newly detected DTC in the next trip.


    Powertrain > Engine and ECT
    Tester Display
    Vehicle Speed
    Engine Speed
    Calculate Load
    Vehicle Load
    Atmosphere Pressure
    Coolant Temp
    Intake Air
    Engine Run Time
    Initial Engine Coolant Temp
    Initial Intake Air Temp
    Battery Voltage
    Throttle Sensor Volt %
    Throttl Sensor #2 Volt %
    Throttle Sensor Position
    Throttle Motor DUTY
    Throttle Position
    ISC Flow
    ISC Position
    ISC Feedback Value
    ISC Learning Value
    Electric Load Feedback Val
    Air Conditioner FB Val
    PS Feedback Val
    Low Revolution Control
    Neutral Control
    Eng Stall Control FB Flow
    Deposit Loss Flow
    Fuel Press
    Fuel Pump Duty
    Injector (Port)
    Injection Volum (Cylinder1)
    Fuel Pressure Target Value
    Fuel Pump Duty (D4)
    HP FP Discharge Rate
    Injection Way
    Injection Switching Status
    Injection Timing (D4)
    Injection Time (D4)
    EVAP (Purge) VSV
    Evap Purge Flow
    Purge Density Learn Value
    EVAP Purge VSV
    Purge Cut VSV Duty
    Target Air-Fuel Ratio
    AF Lambda B1S1
    AFS Voltage B1S1
    AFS Current B1S1
    A/F Heater Duty #1
    O2S B1S2
    O2S Impedance B1S2
    O2 Heater B1S2
    O2 Heater Curr Val B1S2
    Short FT #1
    Long FT #1
    Total FT #1
    Fuel System Status #1
    Fuel System Status #2
    IGN Advance
    Knock Feedback Value
    Knock Correct Learn Value
    Idle Spark Advn Ctrl #1
    Idle Spark Advn Ctrl #2
    Idle Spark Advn Ctrl #3
    Idle Spark Advn Ctrl #4
    Target EGR Position
    EGR Step Position
    Actual VVT Angle #1
    Actual VVT Ex Angle #1
    VVT Control Status #1
    VVT Advance Fail
    Catalyst Temp B1S1
    Catalyst Temp B1S2
    Closed Throttle Position SW
    Fuel Cut Condition
    TC Terminal
    Time after DTC Cleared
    Distance from DTC Cleared
    Warmup Cycle Cleared DTC
    Dist Batt Cable Disconnect
    IG OFF Elapsed Time
    TC and TE1
    Total Distance Traveled
    Ignition Trig. Count
    Cylinder #1 Misfire Count
    Cylinder #2 Misfire Count
    Cylinder #3 Misfire Count
    Cylinder #4 Misfire Count
    All Cylinders Misfire Count
    Misfire RPM
    Misfire Load
    Misfire Margin
    Engine Speed (Starter Off)
    Starter Count
    Run Dist of Previous Trip
    Engine Starting Time
    Previous Trip Coolant Temp
    Previous Trip Intake Temp
    Engine Oil Temperature
    Previous Trip Eng Oil Temp
    Ambient Temp for A/C
    Previous Trip Ambient Temp
    Engine Start Hesitation
    Low Rev for Eng Start
    Minimum Engine Speed
    A/F Learn Value Idle #1
    A/F Learn Value Low #1
    A/F Learn Value Mid1 #1
    A/F Learn Value Mid2 #1
    A/F Learn Value High #1
    A/F Learn Val Low #1 (Dual)
    A/F Learn Val Mid1 #1 (Dual)
    A/F Learn Val Mid2 #1 (Dual)
    A/F Learn Val High #1 (Dual)
    Electric Fan Motor
    Idle Fuel Cut
    FC TAU
    Communication with HV
    Communication with Brake
    Snow Switch Status
    Normal Mode Switch
    Sports Mode Switch
    Requested Engine Torque
    HV Target Engine Speed
    Actual Engine Torque
    Engine Run Time
    Request Engine Run Time
    Judge Time Engine Ignition
    Judge Time Engine Output
    Fuel Level
    ISC Learning
    F/C for Engine Stop Req
    Engine Independent
    Racing Operation
    Request Warm-up
    Engine Independent Control
    ISC Learning Value