• Before inspecting the high-voltage system or disconnecting the low voltage connector of the inverter with converter assembly, take safety precautions such as wearing insulated gloves and removing the service plug grip to prevent electrical shocks. After removing the service plug grip, put it in your pocket to prevent other technicians from accidentally reconnecting it while you are working on the high-voltage system.

  • After removing the service plug grip, wait for the specified time before touching the high voltage connectors or terminals. Then, check that the voltage is zero at the voltage inspection point on the inverter with converter assembly.

Tech Tips

  • This is the time required to discharge the high voltage capacitor in the inverter with converter assembly.

  • The waiting time required varies according to the model.


  • If the auxiliary battery is fully depleted or "READY" does not light up, recharge the auxiliary battery.

  • Never disconnect the auxiliary battery while the power switch is on (READY).

  • Disconnect the auxiliary battery cables when the auxiliary battery is given a quick charge.

  • Check the auxiliary battery again before the vehicle is returned to the customer.

  • If the auxiliary battery has been removed, clean the vent hoses and check that they are not clogged.

  • After installing the vent hoses, check that the noses are not kinked.