DTC Code DTC Name
P0C76-523 Hybrid Battery System Discharge Time Too Long


Refer to the description for DTC P0D2F-266 Click here.

DTC No. INF Code DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area
P0C76 523 Inverter voltage (VH) sensor offset malfunction Inverter with converter assembly

Tech Tips

When the power switch is turned off, the MG ECU applies current to MG2 in a way that does not generate torque, in order to discharge the residual voltage in the inverter. When the hybrid system is normal, the VH value is almost 0 V after discharge. This DTC will be stored if the VH value is more than the specified value after discharge.




    1. Connect the intelligent tester to the DLC3.

    2. Turn the power switch on (IG).

    3. Enter the following menus: Powertrain / Hybrid Control / DTC.

    4. Check if DTCs are output.

      Result Proceed to
      P0C76-523 only is output. A
      Any of the following DTCs are also output. B
      DTC No. Relevant Diagnosis
      P06B0-163 Sensor Power Supply "A" Circuit/Open
      P06D6-511 Sensor Reference Voltage "F" Circuit/Open
      P06E6-164 Sensor Power Supply "C" Circuit/Open
      P0A1A-151, 658, 791 Generator Control Module
      P0A1B-786, 794 Drive Motor "A" Control Module
      P0A1D-148 Hybrid Powertrain Control Module
      P0A3F-243 Drive Motor "A" Position Sensor Circuit
      P0A40-500 Drive Motor "A" Position Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
      P0A41-245 Drive Motor "A" Position Sensor Circuit Low
      P0A4B-253 Generator Position Sensor Circuit
      P0A4C-513 Generator Position Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
      P0A4D-255 Generator Position Sensor Circuit Low
      P0ADC-226 Hybrid Battery Positive Contactor Control Circuit High
      P0AE0-228 Hybrid Battery Negative Contactor Control Circuit High
      P0AE7-224 Hybrid Battery Precharge Contactor Control Circuit High
      P0D2F-266 Drive Motor "A" Inverter Voltage Sensor Circuit Low
      P0D30-267 Drive Motor "A" Inverter Voltage Sensor Circuit High
      P1C2A-155 Generator A/D Converter Circuit
      P1CA6-156 Generator Control Module Malfunction
      P1CA7-193 Drive Motor Control Module Malfunction
      P1CAC-200 Generator Position Sensor Angle Malfunction
      P1CAD-168 Drive Motor "A" Position Sensor Angle Malfunction
      P1CAF-792 Generator Position Sensor REF Signal Cycle Malfunction
      P1CB0-795 Drive Motor "A" Position Sensor REF Signal Cycle Malfunction
      P1CB2-793 Generator Position Sensor REF Signal Stop Malfunction
      P1CB3-796 Drive Motor "A" Position Sensor REF Signal Stop Malfunction
      P2511-149 ECM/PCM Power Relay Sensor Circuit Intermittent
      P3133-659 Communication Error from Generator to Drive Motor "A"
      P3134-661 Communication Error from Drive Motor "A" to Generator
      P324E-788 MG-ECU Power Relay Intermittent Circuit
      U0110 (all INF codes)*1 Lost Communication with Drive Motor Control Module

      Tech Tips

      • *1: If any INF codes are output for this DTC, refer to the corresponding diagnostic procedure.

      • P0C76-523 may be output due to a malfunction which causes the DTCs in the table above to be output. In this case, first troubleshoot the output DTCs in the table above. Then, perform a reproduction test to check that no DTCs are output.

    5. Turn the power switch off.