1. Inspect the resistance.

      1. Measure the resistance according to the value(s) in the table below.

        Standard Resistance
        Tester Connection Condition Specified Condition
        1 - 2 20°C (68°F) 11.6 to 12.4 Ω

        If the result is not as specified, replace the fuel injector assembly.



    • This test involves high-pressure fuel and electricity.

    • Take every precaution regarding safe handling of both the fuel and the electrical parts.

    • Perform this test in a safe area, and avoid any sparks or flame.

    • Do not smoke.

    1. A003I45E02
      Text in Illustration
      *a SST (Fuel Tube Connector)
      *b SST (Hose)
      *c SST (3 Way)
      *d SST (Union No. 7)
      *e SST (Hose Band)

      Assemble SST as shown in the illustration.

      09268-31014   ( 09268-41091, 09268-41120, 09268-41500, 09268-41700, 95336-08070 )
    2. Discharge the fuel system pressure Click here.

    3. Disconnect the No. 1 fuel hose (fuel tube connector) from the fuel tube.

    4. Remove the 2 bolts and disconnect the fuel pressure regulator assembly from the fuel delivery pipe sub-assembly.


      Do not disconnect the No. 2 fuel hose from the fuel pressure regulator assembly.

    5. A003H6PE03
      Text in Illustration
      *1 Fuel Tube
      *a SST (Fuel Tube Connector)

      Connect SST to the fuel tube.


      Always read the precautions Click here before connecting the fuel tube connector (quick type).

    6. A003ADLE01
      Text in Illustration
      *1 Fuel Pressure Regulator Assembly
      *a SST (Hose Band)
      *b SST (Hose)
      *c SST (Union No. 7)

      Connect SST to the fuel pressure regulator assembly with the 2 bolts.

      09268-31014   ( 09268-41091, 09268-41700, 95336-08070 )
      9.0 N*m  { 92 kgf*cm, 80 in.*lbf }
    7. Install the O-ring to the fuel injector assembly.

    8. A003BG4E01
      Text in Illustration
      *a SST (Hose Band)
      *b SST (Adapter)
      *c SST (Hose)
      *d SST (Clamp)
      *e Vinyl Tube

      Assemble SST as shown in the illustration.

      09268-31014   ( 09268-41300, 09268-41600, 09268-41700, 95336-08070 )


      Make sure that SST (adapter) and SST (clamp) are not loose and do not rattle.

    9. A003GE8E01
      Text in Illustration
      *a SST (Tie Band)
      *b Lock

      Pass SST (tie band) through the loop on the handle of SST (clamp) to secure SST (clamp) to SST (adapter).

      09268-31014   ( 09268-41800 )


      • As SST (tie band) does not completely prevent SST (clamp) from becoming loose, do not subject the parts to any impacts while using them.

      • Before using SST (tie band), make sure that there is no deterioration, damage or cracks. If there are any abnormalities, replace SST.

      Tech Tips

      When removing SST (tie band), disengage the lock.

    10. Check that SST (clamp) and SST (adapter) cannot be easily separated.

    11. Install a vinyl tube to the fuel injector assembly.

    12. Put the fuel injector assembly into a graduated cylinder.


      Install a suitable vinyl tube onto the fuel injector assembly to contain the gasoline spray.

    13. Operate the fuel pump.

      1. Turn the ignition switch to ON.


        Do not start the engine.

      2. Turn the GTS on.

      3. Enter the following menus: Powertrain / Engine and ECT / Active Test / Control the Fuel Pump / Speed.

    14. A003GW6E01

      Connect SST (EFI inspection wire H) to the fuel injector assembly and the battery for 15 seconds, and measure the injection volume with a graduated cylinder. Test each injector 2 or 3 times.

      Standard injection volume
      68 to 82 cc (4.1 to 5.0 cu. in.) in 15 seconds
      Standard difference between each fuel injector assembly
      14 cc (0.9 cu. in.) or less


      Always turn the voltage on and off on the battery side, not the fuel pump side.

      If the result is not as specified, replace the fuel injector assembly.

    15. A003AYB

      Check the fuel leakage.

      1. In the condition above, disconnect the test probes of SST (EFI inspection wire H) from the battery and check the fuel leakage rate from the fuel injector assembly.

        Standard fuel drop
        1 drop or less per 25 minutes