1. Measure the line pressure.


      • Perform the test at the normal operating ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) temperature: 50 to 80°C (122 to 176°F).

      • The line pressure test should always be carried out in pairs. One technician should observe the conditions of wheels or wheel stoppers outside the vehicle while the other is performing the test.

      • Be careful to prevent SST hose from interfering with the exhaust pipe.

      • This check must be conducted after checking and adjusting engine.

      • Perform under condition that A/C is OFF.

      • When conducting stall test, do not continue more than 10 seconds.

      1. A01BDLJE02

        Warm up the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).

      2. Lift the vehicle up.

      3. Remove the test plug on the transmission case front left side and connect SST.

        09992-00095   ( 09992-00231, 09992-00271 )
      4. Fully apply the parking brake and chock the 4 wheels.

      5. Start the engine and check idling speed.

      6. Keep your left foot pressing firmly on the brake pedal and shift into the D position.

      7. Measure the line pressure when the engine is idling.

      8. Depress the accelerator pedal all the way down. Quickly read the highest line pressure when engine speed reaches stall speed.

      9. In the same manner, do the test in the R position.

        Specified line pressure:

        D position kPa (kgf / cm2, psi)

        R position kPa (kgf / cm2, psi)


        377 to 436 kPa

        (3.8 to 4.4 kgf/cm2, 55 to 63 psi)

        536 to 634 kPa

        (5.5 to 6.5 kgf/cm2, 78 to 92 psi)

        Stall test

        1,043 to 1,165 kPa

        (10.6 to 11.9 kgf/cm2, 151 to 169 psi)

        1,294 to 1,569 kPa

        (13.2 to 16.0 kgf/cm2, 188 to 228 psi)

        Problem Possible cause
        Measured values are higher than specified in all positions
        • Shift solenoid valve (SLT) defective

        • Regulator valve defective

        Measured values are lower than specified in all positions
        • Shift solenoid valve (SLT) defective

        • Regulator valve defective

        • Oil pump defective

        • O/D direct clutch defect

        Pressure is low in the D position only
        • D position circuit fluid leak

        • Forward clutch defective

        Pressure is low in the R position only
        • R position circuit fluid leak

        • Direct clutch defective

        • 1st & reverse brake defective