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    1. The following chart shows the status of the front passenger SRS items and passenger airbag ON/OFF indicator operation under each condition.

      • The passenger airbag ON/OFF indicator ("ON" and "OFF") comes on for approximately 4 seconds, then goes off for approximately 2 seconds.

      • Approximately 6 seconds after the power switch is turned on (IG), the passenger airbag ON/OFF indicator will indicate "ON" or "OFF" depending on the following conditions.

      Condition Passenger Airbag ON/OFF Indicator Front Passenger SRS Item
      ON Indicator OFF Indicator Instrument Panel Passenger Airbag Assembly Lower No.2 Instrument Panel Airbag Assembly Front Seat Airbag Assembly RH Curtain Shield Airbag Assembly RH Front Seat Outer Belt Assembly RH
      Adult*1 is seated ON OFF
      Child*2 is seated ON or OFF*2 OFF or ON*2 ○ or X*2 ○ or X*2
      Child restraint system is installed OFF ON X X
      Vacant OFF ON X X
      Failure OFF ON X X

      • ○: Deployable

      • X: Not deployable

      • *1: The system judges a person of average adult weight or more as an adult. If a smaller adult sits in the front passenger seat, the system may not recognize them as an adult depending on their physique and posture.

      • *2: The system may not recognize a child or a child in a child restraint system as a child depending on factors such as the positioning of the child restraint system or the child's physique or posture.